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About Set sail and navigate the tumultuous seas to find the lost Ikibago jewel before your swashbuckling competitors. About


Unlock special modes.
Go on an adventure.
Easy to learn.
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  • Category: Quest   
  • Game size: 32.24 Mo
  • System: Windows xp/vista/7/8   
  • Fréquence: 600 mhz
  • Memory: 128 Mo

Release date

Release date : 1 October 2008

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Match 3 Adventure Quest

About Ikibago

About  Ikibago is an action-filled Match 3 game with a seafaring twist! Take on the role of a pirate and go on an adventure to recover the Ikibago jewel. Ikibago offers new intuitive Match 3 gameplay. Line up at least 3 kegs of the same color in each column and watch them blow as they scroll to the right. Swap kegs anywhere to set up amazing combos and adjust your strategy.  About

  • Ikibago

  • Ikibago

  • Ikibago

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