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About As a Piggybank your goal is to become rich, of course, and to do so you will travel around the world in a balloon gathering gems. About


3 gameplay modes.
6 secret power-ups.
28 locales to visit.


  • Category: Match 3   
  • Game size: 9.44 Mo
  • System: Windows 2000/xp/vista/7/8   
  • Fréquence: 600mhz or faster processor
  • Memory: 128 Mo

Release date

Release date : 13 February 2007

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Puzzle Match 3

About Pigillionaire

About  Play as a cute piggybank and travel around the world while getting rich in Pigllionaire. Avoid obstacles such as the Electric Shock or the Net Trap and increase your profit by catching power ups like the Spring Break. Take six different routes and unlock secrets in the adventure mode playing more than 50 levels. Or you can test your wits in 28 puzzle levels. Pigllionaire is sure fun!  About

  • Pigillionaire

  • Pigillionaire

  • Pigillionaire

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