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About Spend some time on the Fairway and take on challenging courses! Try to stay under par in this amazing Card game! About


For a more in-depth experience, check out the collectors edition!
Amazing minigames
Stay on the fairway!
Unique gameplay


  • Category: Solitaire   
  • Game size: 251.58 Mo
  • System: Windows xp/windows vista/windows 7/8   
  • Fréquence: 1.0 ghz
  • Memory: 1280 Mo

Release date

Release date : 1 November 2011

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Card & Board Solitaire

About Fairway

About  Fairway is the exciting sequel to Fairway Solitaire, the “Best Card/Mahjong Game of 2007”! Its unique gameplay combines solitaire with golf to create an experience unlike any other. Play sequential cards to create long runs. Long runs make long drives, and long drives make better scores!  About

  • Fairway

  • Fairway

  • Fairway

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